Today Brazilians celebrate Brazilian Army Day


Brazilians honour the Brazilian Army today. The date was chosen because the first struggle of the inhabitants of Brazil against Dutch rule – the Guararapes Battle – occurred on this day in 1648. 

In this episode, which happened in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco, a group of Brazilians of different ethnicities, but with the same patriotic sense, met for the first time to combat Dutch control.

Currently, Brazilian Army Day commemorates the victory of the troops back in 1648, to praise the Brazilian patriotic spirit and to publicize the importance of the Army.

Objective – The main objective of the Brazilian Army is to act in the protection of the Brazilian territory and in the maintenance of national unity and integrity. It also supports civil defense activities, provides assistance to victims of natural disasters, and helps in procedures for reconstruction and recovery.

To carry out all of its activities, the Army has more than 222 thousand military personnel, both men and women, with a total of 20 different positions in the institution.

Brazilian Army troops practice strong training, in preparation to operate in circumstances of war and more extreme conflicts. They are responsible for the security of the country close to the borders, sharing this responsibility with the aeronautical services. In addition, the Army participates in social campaigns and takes food and provides medical care services to isolated places in Brazil.

The Brazilian Army is one of the three branches of the Brazilian Armed Forces, together with the Navy and the Air Force.


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